My reality


Mayo Clinic Diet


What one does when one emerges from a nine month food coma:

  1. Identify and remove all triggers. Sadly, for me, this means sugar, fried food, salty food, alcohol, television, kitchens, bedrooms, cotton clothing, air, water…..well, you get the idea.



plus ça change…..

I forgot I had a blog!

Ms.Picky here…staring down the barrel of 50…divorced, teaching full-time, in love with life and love and all good things.  I received a lovely comment yesterday, which sent me on a trip down PEA blog memory lane. …and I may revive the blog.  I have kept off much of the weight I lost.  I do tussle with 20-25 pounds I feel should still come off, but I eat well, I run half marathons, I am with a partner who seriously digs my curves. So, why do I feel the need?  Well, maybe this is where the PEA blog will help me out. There is an unease with me about the way I eat sometimes and I am working it through. Sometimes, I still look in the mirror and feel disgusted by my flabby stomach. Then I think “Damn, girl – you just ran the Shamrock 15k!”  Any body that can do that is a body worth celebrating!  But the old messages remain.

If anyone is reading this blog – do you have moments like this?  Why is it so hard to celebrate our successes?  Why can’t I revel in a body that can run, swim, and bike…yet still have a weight loss goal and keep my head on straight about it?


-1.6 🙂

But I didn’t put the “up” week so I’m really in a holding pattern AND I am out of town next week, so I hope to get back to weekly blogging when I return.

Write it down

I was approached about participating in a round table discussion about food diaries for Good Morning America, but due to my travel plans, can’t do it – darn!  It did get me thinking about food diaries and how I treat them. I was flattered that I was thought of as someone who has been successful with them, though I do think  their role in my weight loss changes all the time.  That’s probably why people find them a challenge.  Yet they are key to success, and studies keep coming out that affirm this.  When I return I’ll start writing down some of my thoughts on food diaries.

I don’t get it…

+1.6 😦     …or from my old TOPS meetings, “We’re glad you’re here”, said with about as little enthusiasm as a roomful of fat women can muster after getting on a scale.

Well, the weight’s all  over the place, and the weird thing is, I stuck to all my goals this week. Harrumph. Nothing to do but just keep moving on, right?

Got busy…

…got a little off track, but am down one pound from the last post.  Of course, it has been more like up 1, down .5, up 5, down 6, yada dada…the usual bouncing around.  The weekly post helps keep me sane, so I hope to be more consistent now that summer is here.

I have some goals for the summer. One is to stick to dairy-free Zone 80% of the time.  I find, oddly enough, that I can do a better job if I don’t count calories.  I keep track of my blocks, then add up the cals at the end of the day when I know I won’t be eating any more.  My other goals is 10000 steps a day and have a nice new pedometer to help me.

I’ll add in that I also want to keep to my Thursday blog post, where I will assess how the goals are going.

Welcome to summer!

a little late

-1.6 🙂   My weekly support meetings are now switching back to monthly, which should be ok; I like my group but I  also know that I need to fly the coop as well.  We had a great discussion about how to get our mojo back. Well, it wasn’t quite put that way, but it’s the same idea. I was reminded about the need to focus on internal motivation as opposed to external. This was pounded into my head as a grad school student working on my Med, but it’s amazing how I just forgot about it over the years. Maybe I was so used to thinking of its applications in  the teacher/student relationship and lost the ability to think outside the box and apply it to my healthy living goals.  It’s so easy to think of weight loss as as just about getting skinny and/or getting fit. When I focus on the lifetime of health benefits I am gaining, I notice I do feel so much more successful and resilient.


bleh :(

+ 1.1  this happened last year when I got the pile.  hmmm, wonder if there’s a connection.

In other news, we harvested some spinach and radishes from the garden…